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Crimson Secret Releases Tomorrow!

What a morning! Just 24 hours until Crimson Secret releases! This is the fourth novel in my Coin Forest historical romance series set during the War of the Roses! I’m fascinated by Queen Margaret of Anjou and King Henry VI, her long-suffering king. Too mentally addled to rule, he was pushed aside by his queen. Clever Margaret stepped in and took the reins of power, creating chaos, financial disaster and a civil war that lasted over thirty years.3DCrimsonSecret200x236

My hero and heroine are polarized–she and her family are deeply devoted to Margaret, and he carries secret plans and provides financial support to the Duke of York, who wants to take the throne and power from King Henry and return order and fiscal responsibility to England.

To their dismay, the hero and heroine meet and experience an electrifying attraction to each other. Nothing is sweeter–or more forbidden for them, but they are smitten and can’t control themselves.

I loved exploring the marvelous push and pull of their relationship, and they surprised me at several critical times.

Now, they’re poised to go out into the world of readers. The suspense is unbearable!


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AND, I’m giving away another three free copies to those who join my newsletter (see the form to the right, above), so you’ll have several chances to win!


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Countdown and giveaway! Crimson Secret releases July 15!

The excitement mounts! I just received notice of The Library Journal’s review of Crimson Secret!                  “Political intrigue with a hard-won romance along for the ride. Recommended for fans of star-crossed lovers.”3DCrimsonSecret300x354

And from USA Today Bestselling Author Cassie Miles: “A freshly imagined setting filled with intrigue and passion — loved it!”

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author Peggy Waide says, “Romance, intrigue and lush historical details. Crimson Secret has it all.”

This is my first novel released as both an eBook and a paperback novel, which just adds to the fun.  Finally, those who prefer a print copy will have that option.

It’s the fourth book in the international award-winning, #1 Amazon bestselling Coin Forest series.

Master bridge builder Lord Penry is a known traitor, committed to destroying Joya’s beloved queen so the Duke of York can rule. Like her noble family, Joya is deeply devoted to saving her and keeping King Henry VI on the throne. They’re both right, both wrong, both lost in the heat of unbridled passion and growing uncertainties. It’s a dance of imperiled love amid the War of the Roses, and time is running out to reveal their true loyalties.

Also, I’m running a giveaway on Goodreads, so you can get it for free! As soon as they provide it, I’ll post the Goodreads icon so you can click on it to enter the giveaway. I’m providing ten free books, so the odds are in your favor!

If you’d like a guaranteed copy, Crimson Secret is available now for preorder on amazon.com


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