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FREE Novel, FREE Kindle Fire! Huge Medieval Romance Giveaway!

Over 20 authors participating – win a copy of CRIMSON SECRET, and/or win a Kindle Fire!booksweeps-medieval-10-31-2016-11-06-2016-logo

 I’m sharing news of  this fun giveaway with my  medieval romance friends.

To enter just click here:

Thanks for dropping by, and good luck!

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Emerald Silk Cover Reveal!

Cover 10 15 2014 no underwireJalena Penaligon has done it again! She far surpassed my hopes and created a stunning cover for EMERALD SILK, the second novel in my COIN FOREST series!  Kadriya appeared in Book One of the series as a young girl, spirited, determined, and loyal to Sharai, the girl who took her in as an infant. They grew up together, becoming closer than sisters, and faced death-defying moments together. But Kadriya is half English, half Gypsy, searching her heart to learn on which ethnic shore she belongs. This cover captures her determination and spirit.

John Wynter is a tortured soul. He delivers Kadriya’s Gypsy fiancé to the gallows for theft of a ceremonial  chalice. Long-ago fears have hardened to hatred and Sir John loathes foreigners. His bigotry blinds him, and if this fierce knight cannot overcome it, he may fail in his duty. In a single bell’s toll, their life and happiness rest on finding the power of love—and one elusive chalice.  His inner struggle is laid bare in this cover.

EMERALD SILK releases in just four days!! You can read more and order at

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Tabor’s Trinket earns Amazon Best Seller status!

Amazon Best Seller w Nos 6 in wide copyI was half-heartedly checking sales of Tabor’s Trinket last night, and found this!  I was stunned and so pleasantly surprised! Okay, okay, I admit it– I was screaming and jumping around like Serena Williams.  Tabor’s Trinket is an Amazon Best-seller in three categories!  I’m smiling so much, my face hurts! Thanks to all my dear family and friends for your support during my venture into the Kindle world! Thanks for buying my book, and for believing in me!!

To all of my author friends and blog friends who have been following this saga, you know I resisted offering my novels for sale on Kindle. You know how many years I hemmed and hawed and wondered if I should try this.  And here I am, sharing this news with you.  I’m in a delightful state of shock!


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Cover Reveal: Tabor’s Trinket!

TT4 1.5 inches 9 24 14

It brings me great joy to share the new cover of Tabor’s Trinket, my historical romance set in 15th century England.  It’s now available through Kindle.

The story, book one in the four-volume Coin Forest series, is set in a unique period in history when Gypsies were welcomed, their travels even financed by the nobility in the countries in which they traveled. Dubbed the Gypsy social honeymoon period, it lasted for just a few decades as the Gypsies ventured into Western Europe. It has been described by some of my readers as a Pretty Woman meets Pride and Prejudice because of the themes of survival under pressure, preconceptions and discrimination. You can read more of the plotline and order a copy at

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eBooks and the agonies of change

The Kindle eBook. Click on the photo to see a fascinating article on the latest developments in the eBook industry.

You may have seen my eBook, Mothers Day Poem Kit, being offered as a Kindle release on  Like many other authors, I’m testing the waters of this emerging market. 

The New Yorker on April 26 printed a fascinating story, an overview of the eBook’s position in the overall publishing picture.  Here are some quick stats from that article that reveal the growing impact of ePublishing.

* 3 million Kindles have been sold

* currently offers 450 thousand eBooks.

* When a hard-bound book is offered next to an eBook, 40 per cent buy the electronic version.

* Per Markus Dohle, CEO of Random house, digital transition will take five to seven years, not a week or a hundred days.

* Publishers’ efforts to “window” releases (think “window of opportunity), strategically delaying the release of an eBook following hardback release, can backfire because consumers lose interest.

A wealth of other useful industry information and news is included in this article.  Just click on the Kindle above to read all about it.  Thanks to Michelle Black for giving me the heads-up on this article.  Networking is important.  For authors, especially in this dynamic industry, knowledge is power.


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