Ireland is calling me … and you

I will be teaching in Ireland this August when I team up with multi-published YA/Middle Grade author Dianne Salerni to present the “Character, Conflict and Stakes” conference. It will include private consultations and writing classes, with plenty of time for brainstorming plotting ideas.       Brochure Castle 2.3 in

These surprisingly affordable tours are unique in that they combine writing workshops with touring fascinating attractions in Ireland — a fourteenth century abbey, haunted castles, stone circles, mysterious lakes — it sounds too good to be true, but it is! I’m excited to see all these inspirational sights and share my tips with fellow writers. Something I love almost as much as writing is inspiring other writers to follow their hearts to create successful, award-winning stories.

This tour has been described as the perfect holiday or birthday gift. I first learned of it through Pam Nowak and Susan Spann. Pam attended the tour last year, and my writer’s soul screamed for me to attend with her, but I couldn’t. I so wanted to stow away in her suitcase. She was generous about sharing, though, and I saw photos of her touring days.  Pam will be presenting a June conference on Craft, Career and Publishing.

Susan, a publishing attorney, presented last year and posted several pictures that made me drool. You can see her post at

And now I’ve learned something equally as exciting: non-writers are welcome to attend, also! That means my husband can join me. He won’t be participating in the writer’s meetings, but he can enjoy the tours. He’s a golfer, so he’ll probably hit the links while we discuss plotting and characterization, then join us to see the forests and castles and abbeys. Here’s a general post from the tour organizers:

If it works out, I’d love for you to join me for the writing, the sights, and the inspiration!


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