Emerald Silk Cover Reveal!

Cover 10 15 2014 no underwireJalena Penaligon has done it again! She far surpassed my hopes and created a stunning cover for EMERALD SILK, the second novel in my COIN FOREST series!  Kadriya appeared in Book One of the series as a young girl, spirited, determined, and loyal to Sharai, the girl who took her in as an infant. They grew up together, becoming closer than sisters, and faced death-defying moments together. But Kadriya is half English, half Gypsy, searching her heart to learn on which ethnic shore she belongs. This cover captures her determination and spirit.

John Wynter is a tortured soul. He delivers Kadriya’s Gypsy fiancé to the gallows for theft of a ceremonial  chalice. Long-ago fears have hardened to hatred and Sir John loathes foreigners. His bigotry blinds him, and if this fierce knight cannot overcome it, he may fail in his duty. In a single bell’s toll, their life and happiness rest on finding the power of love—and one elusive chalice.  His inner struggle is laid bare in this cover.

EMERALD SILK releases in just four days!! You can read more and order at http://tinyurl.com/pm4lj5q


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