Self-publishing-Courage on Steroids!

Fran commented on my previous post, sharing that she, too, had taken the self-publishing path.

What kind of fears do we suffer when we take this big step in our careers? We don’t have the shelter of a big New York publishing house — we lack the stamp of approval that comes from a big publisher’s editor.

I’ve come to realize there *are* traits and talents we *do* possess, though. With traditional publishing, I assumed I would get publicity, but in hindsight, I see that I did the lion’s share of promotion– a massive amount of publicity and advertising. Being our book’s best advocate is challenging, and yes, exhausting!  I wake up in the middle of the night, thinking about it.  What have I missed? What can be done more thoroughly? How can I best reach the readers who will love my book?

Doubts needle at the oddest times.  What if my book is given a scathing review? What if my friends read it and–after all my excited conversations about writing, they read it, grimace and think, “So this is what she’s so excited about?”  We don’t have an editor or an agent reassuring us along the way.  We are, from the beginning, in charge of nurturing our Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), and funding all of our promotional activities.

It’s daunting, but we’re not in this alone.  There are hundreds of thousands like us.  Networking helps. Let’s keep clutching our COURAGE cards and following our dreams!  Go ye forth. Believe. Promote. And write more wonderful books!  –Janet



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2 responses to “Self-publishing-Courage on Steroids!

  1. Oddly, after experiencing all the niggling doubts you mention here, I’ve arrived safely on the other side. I published one novel in 2013, another this year, and have another ready to go in 2015. I check my little sales, constantly wish I knew WHO was buying them, but then let it go. My books are OUT THERE, like grown children released to their own devices. I haven’t pursued any serious publicity, although I read everything I can about the process. It’s enough for now to know I did it – in both paperback and e-book. To be honest, that process was almost more labor intensive than the original writing!

    Thanks, Janet. I always appreciate your blogs. Good luck with your own new adventure.

    • Janet Lane

      Hi, Fran! So good to know you enjoy my blogs. Thanks for letting me know! It’s nice to know we’re in this together. I released my first historical romance on September 1 on Kindle. Then today I took a giant step and listed Books 2, 3, and 4 in the Coin Forest series as pre-orders. Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, spoke at our Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference. He wrote his first novel, couldn’t get past the gatekeeper agents and editors, got angry, and founded Smashwords. His story is amazing, and he is my hero. At the conference he sold me on pre-orders. If you’re interested, you can browse the Smashwords site and see the author-friendly services they provide, including explaining this and other such services. Please stay in touch and share your good news with us! –Janet

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