Courage – we could all use a shot of it

P1020362My good friend, Robin Owens, let me select one of her self-care inspiration cards by Cheryl Richardson, and I picked COURAGE. This is a time in my life when I need it. I’ve discussed e-publishing several times here, wondering if it’s right for me, wondering if I can navigate my way through the dark, meandering caves of this challenging, new digital world. The artwork is beautiful, isn’t it? On the reverse side, it says, “Take the leap. Your courage will see you through.”

I’m leaping! 🙂  …are you?



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2 responses to “Courage – we could all use a shot of it

  1. I’ve self-published two novels. Gave up on agents. It took huge courage! Two more to go…

    • redplume

      Hi, Fran, and hearty congratulations! I’m traveling that road right now, and I’ve been clutching that “COURAGE” card all the way! You have inspired me to elaborate, so please view my new post — I’m going to write it, right now! Wishing you much success on your writing and publishing journey! –Janet

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