Setbacks of the physical kind…do not pass go, do not collect $200…

Broken clavicle, ribs and separated shoulder...but Bogey didn't mean to. He just wanted to catch the rabbit.


Life can be more exciting than we had planned for.  Such was my recent adventure.  In the midst of planning a writing-plotting retreat with trusted, long-time CPs, I had an accident.   I had walked my niece’s hundred-pound golden retriever, Bogey, several times in the past and he’s always been sedate and gentle. He’s ten years old after all…but it only took the sight of a bouncing bunny tail in our yard to turn him into a stud puppy just long enough to “send me to the moon” as Ralph Cramden might say.

Certainly slows down the writing process with pain-killers that fog the brain and keep one in a perpetual state of nausea and the whirlies, so I’m off the meds and in pain…but I can successfully construct a full sentence. <g>

Golden retrievers are gentle, loving and loyal but, as with all breeds all it may take is the sight os a running rabbit to ignite their chase inxtincts, so walk them with care.


In challenging times I find it helpful to lower my goals to a more manageable level. Having to hunt-and peck the keyboard and finding the act of mouse-clicking painful, I opted to post a general notice yo my writing friends and make more use of the phone, for example, until the pain subsides.

Writing also performs a marvelous function: it takes my mind off the pain. Imagine, a free pain reliever with no side effects.  Okay, not as effective as some of the meds, but it does work.

There’s also that issue of personal power. Adjusting goals cheers me. One can feel defeated in challenging times, but maintaining forward motion toward my dreams reassures me that, no matter how difficult the obstacles, where there’s a will one can find a way to keep moving forward. 
Those are my thoughts but I’m sure there are other good strateggies.  What coping mechanisms have you found most successful in times of pain, trouble and life setbacks? 


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4 responses to “Setbacks of the physical kind…do not pass go, do not collect $200…

  1. That’s horrible, Janet. Shoulder pain can be miserable, so I hope you have a freezer full of ice packs. I wish you a speedy recovery, and give you one piece of valuable advice — don’t write blog posts while you’re under the influence of pain meds. 🙂

    • redplume

      LOL, Pat. Thanks for the advice! With a healing time of 6-8 weeks, though, I think I’ll have to try the blogging-on-meds route. Let me know if I slip off the edge of the world. 😉

  2. Aside from what you’ve already listed, God, prayers, family, sleep (heals the body faster) and sheer stubborness. ;D Get better soon!

    • redplume

      Hi, Victoria! I have the “sheer stubornness” down. 🙂 Now to add sleep and downsize my goals so I’m not overwhelmed. Thanks!

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