“Free Range Characters” featured on Victoria Dixon’s blog

Victoria summarizes my "Free Range Characters" workshop on her blog today - Take the test - how "free" are your fictional characters?

Good morning.  I just had the pleasure of reading my characterization workshop, “Free Range Characters,” summarized on Victoria Dixon’s blog. 

I met Victoria at the Crested Butte Writer’s Conference.  Since then, we have been blogging about the excellent workshops and panels there.  She enjoyed my workshop and presented an excellent summary of it.  For those of you who have enjoyed my summaries, drop by Victoria’s and read about my workshops and others.  Makes for great summer reading, and maybe a little writing inspiration, as well.  Thanks, Victoria!

Click here or on the Ron Empress red logo to read the craft workshop summary.



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4 responses to ““Free Range Characters” featured on Victoria Dixon’s blog

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Janet! I’m always a little scared I’ll misrepresent someone or use information they didn’t want presented to the general public, so I do appreciate this. 🙂

    • redplume

      That’s a valid concern, Victoria. I think about it, too, in my summaries. The standard I use is to share enough to be informative, but not so much that the workshop will hold no new information for other people who may want to attend — which would, in essence, kill the workshop the author has spent considerable time developing. This particular workshop has evolved over six presentations, and it’s one of my favorite to deliver because I get so excited about the potential it has to empower not just the inner story, but the outer story, as well.

      I’ll be posting a summary on James Scott Bell’s author talk later today, or tomorrow morning. Bell introduces a fascinating visual about a novel’s chances for success. Please stay tuned. I appreciate my readers and those who share their thoughts about what I’m sharing, too. Wishing you a fabulous day! –Janet

      • Well, if I put up too much, please let me know. I can trim – although I realize to some degree the damage is done. :/

      • redplume

        Heavens, no! Thank you for the highlight, and for the offer, Victoria, but I’m pleased as punch to be reviewed, and that you featured a brief overview of my workshop on your site. I appreciated your review of the workshops I could not attend, too, and I look forward to seeing you again and comparing notes. Will you be attending the RMFW conference in Sept.? Crested Butte again? Did you see my James Scott Bell summary? I thought that visual he came up with was terrific!

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