Are you a Survivor?

What does it take to be a Survivor in publishing? What traits do you think are most important?

I’m working with my critique partners on a panel presentation for the upcoming Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference, aka Colorado Gold Conference, scheduled this year for September 10, 11, 12 at Denver’s Renaissance Hotel. Actually, Kay Bergstrom is doing all the initial planning, and the rest of us are offering small suggestions.

The panel will be based on one of my favorite television shows, “Survivor.” “Where Do You Get Your Ideas?” will cover beginnings, middles and ends, and contestants (my fellow critique partners and I) will try to outwit and outlast each other and make it to the end without getting voted off. Should be great fun!

When I first heard the concept of “Survivor” (from Kay Bergstrom, actually, years ago, so this is coming full circle for me), I thought the idea of voting people off an island was repugnant – ill-spirited and insensitive. Watching the show, I learned quickly that it’s a game. And what can be more of a game, more of a competition than writing to get published?

What does it take to be a Survivor in publishing? What traits do you think are most important?



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4 responses to “Are you a Survivor?

  1. Hi Beth,

    We need persistence and patience. And a thick skin doesn’t hurt.

    Looking forward to seeing your panel in action. Should be fun.

  2. Oh, my goodness, I think I just called you Beth. I’m sorry, Janet. I guess it also helps to pay attention.

    • redplume

      Hi, Pat,

      I laughed when I saw that. Took it as a compliment because Beth Groundwater is such a prolific blogger.
      I like your thoughts about persistence and patience. It’s hard to write when not focused or when frustrated that our writing goals aren’t being met within the time frame we had considered “reasonable.” There’s another trait that comes to mind – Sandra, the latest “Survivor” winner, gave her advice in a recent article, and that was, “Listen.” Sandra listened to what was happening at camp so she was always aware of what was going on. As writers, we can “listen” to the publising news to learn what publishers are looking for, which agents represent work like ours, and when it’s most opportune to send our queries.
      Thanks for dropping by. Hope you’re having a pleasant weekend! –Janet

  3. Yes, having a lovely weekend. After a good night’s sleep, I can now recognize which blogger I’m visiting and get the comments right. 🙂

    Sandra’s advice was good — in my case I’ve been listening to the little voice in my head that kept telling me something about my WIP wasn’t quite right. I’m doing a big rewrite that involves point of view changes and elimination of some backstory. Someday this book will be finished for real.

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