Crested Butte Writer’s Conference – a jolt of inspiration

The writers and readers at the Crested Butte conference are as beautiful as the flowers in this, the wildflower capital of Colorado

Conferences can be chaotic and disappointing, but never RMFW’s, and not, I have found, to great delight, the Crested Butte Writer’s Conference. 

The setting is dramatic and unforgettable — big brooding mountains, fourteeners, still frosted with snow in this first week of summer, a white mantle framing the green palette below.  The white bark of the aspen seem to echo the peaks, tall and proud in their ivory, brooding in their shadows, flirtatious with their heart-shaped leaves, winking like so many ladies in the wind, fluttering their shamrock spring skirts.

Okay, so I was smitten by the setting.  <g>  But it was the people – the conference coordinators, Theresa Rizzo and Barbara Crawford, who orchestrated the perfect, intimate conference, and it was the editors and agents, warm, helpful, and willing to listen and to share, a rare combination, who gave perfect balance to the natural beauty outside the doors of the Grand Lodge during those three magical days.

To everyone who attended my workshops, thank you.  To everyone who shared that my novels touched them, that they seemed like a movie, that my characters inspired them … thank you.  I can only hope I gave you a gem, a whisper of encouragement in return, a spark that will make your writing shine, or make your reading even more fascinating.

More later.  Thank you.  🙂  As always, I invite your comments.



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3 responses to “Crested Butte Writer’s Conference – a jolt of inspiration

  1. I’m off to my writing group this morning to share the love and notes, Janet. Thanks so much for all the information and ideas!

    • redplume

      You’re so welcome, Victoria. What a beautiful weekend it was! Are there photos up yet on the website? Jeanne and I plan to post our photos soon.

  2. I look forward to seeing them. I never took any because I didn’t want my phone going off. LOL. I don’t know if my husband took any during the awards ceremony. I think that was the only time he was there, so I’d love to see pics. I just looked at the CB Yahoo site and there aren’t any pictures yet. None on the CB web page, either.

    I’ll babble about the conference for the next two months while I try to internalize everything. I feel like a different person.

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