eBooks and the agonies of change

The Kindle eBook. Click on the photo to see a fascinating article on the latest developments in the eBook industry.

You may have seen my eBook, Mothers Day Poem Kit, being offered as a Kindle release on amazon.com.  Like many other authors, I’m testing the waters of this emerging market. 

The New Yorker on April 26 printed a fascinating story, an overview of the eBook’s position in the overall publishing picture.  Here are some quick stats from that article that reveal the growing impact of ePublishing.

* 3 million Kindles have been sold

* Amazon.com currently offers 450 thousand eBooks.

* When a hard-bound book is offered next to an eBook, 40 per cent buy the electronic version.

* Per Markus Dohle, CEO of Random house, digital transition will take five to seven years, not a week or a hundred days.

* Publishers’ efforts to “window” releases (think “window of opportunity), strategically delaying the release of an eBook following hardback release, can backfire because consumers lose interest.

A wealth of other useful industry information and news is included in this article.  Just click on the Kindle above to read all about it.  Thanks to Michelle Black for giving me the heads-up on this article.  Networking is important.  For authors, especially in this dynamic industry, knowledge is power.



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6 responses to “eBooks and the agonies of change

  1. I have gone all-out Kindle and am among the LUCKY authors who have pretty much been killed off by my own publishers, having 44 titles out of print thanks to traditional publising, and now they are all on Kindle and selling briskly; in fact, am making more money via Kindle than I did this year in tradtional publishing. With a 70/30 split with the 70 being mine, I can make more money on a book priced at 1.99 than I can on a paper book priced at 24 bucks…volume sales. Do not let the traditional publishers tell you they are warring over prices for the sake of the author, OK? That is bull hockey. No publisher would take on my biggest selling title on Kindle — my Children of Salem, an Original to Kindle title; my next work in progress is going straight to Kindle as well, Curse of the Titanic.

  2. redplume

    Your story is inspiring, Robert! Congratulations! The publishing world is changing fast. Well. At 70/30 meaning 70% is yours, we do the math and it’s too significant to be ignored. Wishing you continued success with your titles!

  3. The publishing world is definitely changing fast. In addition to the ebook market, I’m seeing new small and medium publisher names popping up all over the place. It looks to me as if author opportunity is growing (and author competition right along with it). It’s amazing.

    • redplume

      Good morning, Pat. I’m thinking the whole process falls in line with other industries and the “power to the people” movement that social media has generated. Thanks for dropping by – I value your opinion!

  4. Janet: Interesting stats on the industry. I heard a panel at Pikes Peak, 2 agents and an editor from St. martin’s. They all agreed that things are in a state of lux, and they’re floundering the same way we are. Glad you posted this blog.

  5. redplume

    Thanks, Joyce. I’m optimistic about what it all means to us authors. Thanks for commenting – it’s always good to hear from you!

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