Mother’s Day Do-it-yourself Poem Kit Now Available

Poems for mother, mother-in-law, stepmother, foster mother, second mother, aunt, daughter

After years of dreaming about it, the book is finally a reality, available for immediate download as an e-book.

I’m excited about my new release, not historical fiction this time, but poetry. 

You have been so supportive of my poetry these past two years, and I thank you for that. 

Each year when Mother’s Day nears, I have thought about making my poems available in a do-it-yourself format, along with an assortment of poems that express love for all the mothers in our livesI love my mother dearly, and her passing just weeks ago will make this year’s Mother’s Day difficult.  The love I feel for her, though, remains strong, and she has inspired me to finally make this poetry book a reality.  It’s available  in Kindle format and standard eBook format.

I’ve included poems for mother, mother-in-law, stepmother, second mother (which could also apply to adopted mother and foster mother), aunt and daughter. 

Especially fun is the do-it-yourself poem. It has a core poem that you can expand with couplets that fit your memories of your childhood and adulthood, shared memories of special activities like athletics, watching reality TV shows together (my mother adored “Dancing with the Stars”), cooking together, making Easter eggs, attending church and praying together, exercising together and yes, even cleaning house together.  For good measure, I added another one, because I so believe in it, “Everyday Love and Kindness.” 

Because I love including my family in anything/everything I do, I used an old, favorite family photo for the cover, one of me and my book-cover-designing daughter, Jalena.

My poetry kit book is currently available in e-book format for instant delivery.  It’s my first e-book, so I’m swimming in new waters, but excited about it.  It’s priced at just $1.99 at Kindle and $4.99 at Lulu.  

Thank you allowing me to share my joy at finally making this poetry book a reality.  –Janet



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4 responses to “Mother’s Day Do-it-yourself Poem Kit Now Available

  1. Hi Janet,
    Great shot of you and Jalena. I’d love to know how you published your e-book. I’ve been wanting to it for a long time.

    I’ll try buying it and see what happens.

    • redplume

      Thanks, Betsy. Let me know if the process was easy, or daunting. I’m swimming in new waters here, and it’s really great to have a friend jump into the strream, too!

  2. hdunny

    What a wonderful idea. Thank you!

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