Halloween – pleasantly haunted by creative memories

Halloween has evolved into a celebration of creativity

Halloween has evolved into a celebration of creativity

It’s snowing this morning. Under a grey sky, the snow coats the bright colors of autumn like white icing.  I’m safe and warm inside, though, sipping my coffee, enjoying my Halloween display.
It’s a collection of memories that pleasantly “haunt” me.  I wore the witch’s hat many years ago when I greeted the trick-or-treaters. There are four mini-pumpkins in the display, representing my husband, me and our two daughters.

The ghost, broom and bat hold special Girl Scout memories

The ghost, broom and bat hold special Girl Scout memories

Those little floating creatures are memorabilia from my Girl Scout troop’s last camping trip. I had been a Girl Scout leader for eight years for my two daughters.  My older daughter had left years before, and the girls from my younger daughter’s troop had reached middle school, thrilled to enter that new chapter of their lives and not so thrilled to continue with scouting. They moved on and grew up, and I took the path of pursuing publication in the fiction market.
Each troop made a Halloween-related item to give to other troops.  Our troop made the little ghosts.  Other troops were clever and made “ghost” puzzle pieces, or tiny witch’s brooms, or scary trees.

We are far from the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain (pronounced sow-in).  We have also come far since the fifteenth century, when Tabor and Stephen and my other characters joined in the Druid celebrations of  “All Hallow’s Eve”(Hallow Evening, Hallow Even, Hallow E’en, Halloween).

New traditions have evolved– seductive costumes in addition to frightening ones, trick or treating for “children” of all ages, and elaborate haunted houses.  It’s a riot of creativity that inspires me, and several billion more people.

Have fun with your little ghosts and goblins, and have a safe and Happy Halloween!

To learn more click here – Celtic Samhain celebration All Hallow’s Eve


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