Nature inspires me to write

Oh, what a beautiful morning –

Touched by a hummingbird's flight - nature's gentle gifts refresh, inspire.  Courtesy of Lubos Maraz,

Touched by a hummingbird's flight - nature's gentle gifts refresh, inspire. Courtesy of Lubos Maraz,

Nature inspires me to write

My morning walk with Gabby today proved to be an exercise in joy. We’re in Keystone, and the morning sun sparkled on the wetlands. Encouraged by the bounty of rain this summer, the mountain daisies are almost as tall as I am, profuse and gleeful with their white petals and sunny yellow hearts.

Walking across the bridge that spans the wetlands, we surprised a muskrat. The swirl of the surrounding water as she swam, the current of water running through her fur, gave a visual feast.

Five people fished on Snake River, their lines dancing on the surface, popping back and landing again in a graceful arc. I let the river sing to me, reminded of Deepak Chopra’s words to “be like the river,” to honor that which you are. A hummingbird surprised me, flying so close to me I could hear the whir of its wings.

On the walkway in front of the condos, one of the younger aspens sported a foot-long cluster of golden leaves, one of the first splashes of autumn. This, I think, is a day to write.

Following the call to write in the current market requires courage and the willingness to accept the challenges along with the joys. This morning nourished me. I’m writing book three in my Coin Forest series, set in fifteenth century England. Encouraged by the miracles of nature, I face my work in progress with fresh eyes.

What inspires you to write?  I’m wishing you a day filled with small wonders and gentle encouragements.


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  1. Whatever gets me into that chair and positions my fingers over the keyboard is a mystery to me. When it happens, I simply count my blessing and write my little heart out.

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