The power of group writing

Janet w Fish 72Cold, cold, cold …

Neglecting a WIP means playing catch-up

I’m back after a lovely family vacation in Florida. Quality time with family, sensational visits to the beach, strong waves, lean surfers, clear water. Fishing, and actually catching a fish (small, and we threw it back). Doing the Disney and falling a dozen floors in the Tower of Terror elevator. Rockin’ rollercoaster, yeah. Forgetting my age and, for just a few days, shedding my cloak of responsibilities and having fun.

Now, it’s back to work, and my WIP has cooled off. I’m on the road back today, studying my storyboard, re-reading chapters. It’s Soup Writing Day and I’m getting ready for a three-hour session with my critique partners. Writing together, live, is a great way to guarantee fresh writing. Because we’ve committed to this time together every Thursday, there’s no avoiding it. We will sit together at the same table, at the same time, and we will write.

There’s something mystical about group writing. It feels as if we’re all swimming in the same gently flowing river – maybe floating on a comfortable raft under soft sunshine. I love it. I recommend it.

Wishing you a day is filled with joy and creativity.



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2 responses to “The power of group writing

  1. Shannon

    Welcome home, Janet–a few days late. And congrats on Preditors and Editors naming your website one of the best. I have abandoned the soup writing for the summer but have been most productive. Another group decided on an accountability scheme a couple of weeks ago and they have given me a much needed boost. I wrote 30 new pages last week. (Haven’t so much as read them, yet, so pretty sure they reek, but the words are down.)

    • redplume

      Thanks, Shannon, and congrats on your new pages. Am looking forward to the release of your DEBUT NOVEL! I’m so excited for you!

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