Birthday poem for mother-in-law

Spring writing gliderI posted a Mother’s Day poem in May and have been overwhelmed with the response – thousands of people have downloaded my poem for their Mother’s Day greeting cards.

In answer to requests for a birthday poem for beloved mothers-in-law, I made some small adjustments to my Mother’s Day poem. It’s now a birthday poem and I’m pleased to share it with you.

I adore my mother-in-law, Dot, so it was a pleasure to sit back and reflect on the many wonderful memories we’ve shared. With the spirit and energy of beagles, she and I have tracked garage sales, mall sales and auctions. We’ve savored our bargains, compared recipes, cooked together, danced together, laughed and cried together. Dot even helped me plan one of my book signings in Florida, and I was able to meet her wonderful Woman’s Club friends.

Please feel free to put my poem to the paper of your choice for a birthday card for her.

In return, if you get a chance to read either of my novels, I would be honored. You can find them on, at your local library and on eBay.  –Janet

With Love to My Mother-in-Law

by Janet Lane

A visit by phone to share the news

An e-mail you send to inform and amuse

A leisurely visit with coffee or tea

A richly amusing shopping spree

We share so much, I’m ever so thankful

To find a soul sister so warm, so delightful

My marriage brought a huge dividend

Wonderful you, who became my friend

On this special date I would never miss

My chance to send this joyful wish

A bounty of love is sent your way

With a hearty wish for a Happy Birthday!


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  1. Thanks again for the article post.Thanks Again.

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