Murder mystery dinner made fun birthday surprise

A murder mystery dinner makes birthday a fun event with friends

A murder mystery dinner made John's birthday a fun event in the mountains, with friends

I planned a surprise birthday party this past weekend for my husband, John, at Brook Forest Inn, a glorious inn drenched in mountain sunshine and rich with history.  The theme: Lords and Ladies, a nice nod to our wedding at Colorado’s Renaissance Festival in Larkspur almost 24 years ago.

Linda, our master planner, created a devious, twisting plot, and we were joined by some close friends who caught the spirit and came dressed for medieval fun.

Who was the murderer?  The victim, Lord Littledagger, could not speak the name.  Death tends to limit one that way.  The Gypsies were mischievous, devious and … assassinous?  Duchess Mora of More concealed much in her purse, and the Countess of Cleavage, did she have secrets stored in her plunging neckline?  There were many moments of mystery, confusion and hilarity as we toured the inn, gathering clues and daggers.

Historic Brook Forest Inn is set in a lush mountain forest not far from Denver

Historic Brook Forest Inn is set in a lush mountain forest not far from Denver

The Inn, a romantic Victorian bed and breakfast, dates back to 1913 and is set in the midst of a lush forest not far from Denver. The lobby, bar, dining and guest rooms are all beautifully decorated, reflecting lacy Victorian opulence and charm.

The romantic in me would love to rent one of the captivating suites for a summer getaway.  The writer in me would enjoy hosting my critique partners for an inspirational weekend writing retreat, taking full advantage of all those outdoor decks and benches.


The mischievous Gypsies stole all the daggers and potion

The mother in me thinks this would be a great place for a wedding for one of our daughters.  Above all, the wife in me is delighted to have found such an entertaining way to surprise my husband on his special day.

Learn more about the murder mystery dinners at



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3 responses to “Murder mystery dinner made fun birthday surprise

  1. Pat

    Hi Janet
    This looks like a beautiful place for a get -away! My husband and I are going back to Denver in the fall so I’ll look into staying here for part of our visit.

    What fun to have been married at a Renaissance Faire! I did a blog post about the one held in New York’s sterling Forest last fall:

    Happy birthday to your husband!

  2. redplume

    Hi, Pat,
    Loved your photo album of the New York RenFest! You take GREAT pictures! The RenFest at Larkspur, CO has many of the same attractions, the jousting, a bizarre and blood-curdling museum of torture devices, a Gypsy camp, and the innuendo-spewing “pickle man.”
    My DH, John, willingly wore tights as part of his period costume on our wedding day – I knew he was a “keeper” for his spirit of cooperation. I’m sure your DH would have done the same had it been your wedding day, LOL.
    Now you can see why I’m so enamored with all things medieval – years later, it led to my historic adventure series!

  3. Yeah, It’s nice, I would like to give any funny birthday present to my mom.

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