My Mother’s Day Poem

She can be your mother, your grandmother, your aunt, your adopted mother, or an older sister.  She’s so many things to us – nurturer, lecturer, coach, lifesaver, homework helper.  As Mother’s Day approaches, we may recall specific tantrums we threw, arrows of anger we shot, directly or indirectly, at her.  We may recall the strange detours we took in the past and how she tried to help us in spite of our resistance.  The older we get the wiser she seems.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wrote this poem for my mother, Mary, and my mother-in-law, Dot, and for all moms who love their children and give the world its greatest gift … the future.

To Mary and Dot - Happy Mother's Day

To Mary and Dot - Happy Mother's Day

A symbol of love is the rose
They say
Its petals so lovely and fragrant
Kissed by the dew, a dozen
Or few
Their colors resplendent and vibrant
I hold in my pocket of dreams
And days
Mementos of childhood cheer
Your gestures of love that strengthened
My heart
And carried me through the years
So on this occasion of
Family love
I offer this poem, like a blossom
In thanks for the band-aids and smiles
And hugs
All mother’s gifts, golden and wholesome.
…. Janet Lane

Happy Mother’s Day!



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2 responses to “My Mother’s Day Poem

  1. What a sweet poem. You are just so talented. Emerald Silk was so wonderful!!!! Love, Hana

  2. Hana, thank you! I’m so blessed in finding you as my friend! (That really is a story worthy of a novel, in itself!) Thanks for reading my poem. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and my story, Emerald Silk! Hugs, Janet

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