Colorado Romance Writers conference a winner

CRW's Romancing the Rockies conference is being held at the Radisson Graystone Castle

CRW's Romancing the Rockies conference is being held at the Radisson Graystone Castle

I’m energized and inspired after the first day of the “Romancing the Rockies” fiction writer’s conference. It’s being held this year at the Radisson Graystone Castle, so appropriate for me since I write historical romance set in 15th century England.

My character workshop went well. I was nervous before presenting _ I always am. Perhaps it helps stir some adrenaline and makes my delivery better.  I even worried that I had somehow managed to drive to the wrong hotel, just the creative short-circuited thoughts of a writer, haha. I was so relieved when I saw Elaine Levine, CRW President, near the “medieval” portcullis.

My presentation was attended by a group of alert, interesting writers who asked good questions, all a presenter’s dream. It always thrills me when I see the look of discovery as a writing concept is learned. It’s said that, to learn something, teach it and you’ll never forget it. Perhaps that’s why I like to present–it solidifies the concepts for me, and I love sharing what I have learned.  I invited those who attended my workshop to visit my blog and ask additional questions, so if you were there yesterday, thanks for attending, and welcome!  I hope you enjoy my articles on craft and the writing life.  Read, enjoy, share by clicking the “o comment” link (I know it’s weird; it should read “click here to comment.”  🙂

Sherrilyn Kenyon was the keynote speaker last evening, and her story was entertaining and surprising. I had no idea her writer’s journey was so rock-strewn. At one time she resorted to living in a car, and she also spent time on welfare, still receiving brutal rejections from New York publishers. Then she presented her manuscript on the desk of the right publisher at the right time, and now she’s a #1 New York Times best-selling author. She’s gracious, generous with information, and in spite of her considerable success, she has not let it in any way taint her vision or personality.  You can learn more about her journey on the video at

I enjoyed seeing my fellow author friends – Robin Owens, Margie Lawson, Jeanne Stein, Lynda Hilburn, Diana Rowe, Melissa Mayhue – and making new friends.

I visited with many wonderful romance readers, several of whom bought my books, Tabor’s Trinket and Emerald Silk. Thank you all and I hope you enjoy my stories!  And to the handsome young man who served all those tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, thank you for your service to our country, and good luck with your fiction writing.

A “novel” moment during the conference: When a young fan dressed in a sleeveless, low-backed dress asked Sherrilyn Kenyon to sign her BACK (yes, the skin on her back) instead of one of Sherrilyn’s books.

Funniest moment: when a laptop computer was accidentally locked and cabled onto my presentation table, and after several attempts to open it failed, the resourceful CRW writers stripped the table and simply carried it from the Nobility Room, where I presented, to the Kingdom room, where the laptop was needed for a Powerpoint presentation. It proved that those theft-proof laptop cables really do work!



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4 responses to “Colorado Romance Writers conference a winner

  1. Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of my favorite authors. I loved reading her Dark Hunter series. Her writing has always been entertaining. It was great to hear she was the keynote speaker at the conference and to hear how fascinating her writing journey started out. Wow, its amazing what you learn from other people and how far they went to full fill a dream like writing. Thank you for this wonderful post.

  2. redplume

    I’m glad you enjoyed my post, Ms. Tassinari, and I’m wishing you much success with your own writing. –Janet

  3. So glad you enjoyed the conference, Janet! It was fun getting to visit with you at the booksigning Friday night. We had wonderful compliments on your workshop–thank you for helping to make this year’s Romancing the Rockies a success!

    • redplume

      Congrats to all at CRW who planned the conference. Activities were varied and interesting, and all the CRW members made me feel welcome. I’m glad they enjoyed my workshop. I hope you enjoy the sunshine and a well-deserved rest today, Elaine! –Janet

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