How to Tweet safely – & avoid StalkDaily & Mikeyy

The Twitter-bird has been attacked - here's how you can protect yourself and make Twitter safer. (image courtesy of

The Twitter-bird has been attacked - here's how you can protect yourself and make Twitter safer. (image courtesy of

Because I’ve been writing so much about Twitter, I feel obligated to share a rather shadowy  aspect of Twitter that has recently surfaced.  It started from within my own family.  My sister joined Twitter last Saturday and, within two days, she had her PayPal account wiped out.  While she didn’t have concrete info that linked her loss to Twitter, she felt strongly enough about it to send an emergency email to family members, advising that she was not going to use Twitter any longer, and why.

I don’t think we should panic – the developers at Twitter have been working to rectify the problem – but this information may help you, so I’m passing it along.

Today, I found an article, “Twitter: Under Attack,” written by Michael Kassner, a systems administrator for an international corporation and an IT security consultant.  There are apparently two worms to look out for.  Mr. Kassner outlines how to you can use Twitter safely, and how you can help keep Twitter safe.  Should any worms have found their way onto your system, he also explains how to remove them.

Please read the rest of the article at

Here are Mr. Kassner’s suggestions:
How to remove the worms

“Even though the developers at Twitter have somewhat rectified the problem, there are still the infected profiles. So, I’ve looked around and found removal instructions for both the StalkDaily and Mikeyy variants of the worm on the Twittercism Web site:

1. In your browser, clear your cache and empty all of your cookies. (This can be found in your settings.)
2. Log out of TweetDeck or any external applications you are using.
3. Check the URL and location areas of your profile (in Settings/Account on for evidence of any malicious scripts. It’ll be obvious – something you haven’t added to these areas yourself. If you find anything, remove it.
4. On, change your password.
5. Log back in.
6. Go back and delete any tweets sent by you recommending StalkDaily. This is important.
7. Report @stalkdaily in a tweet to Twitter’s @spam account as follows: @spam @stalkdaily.”

Has your Twitter experience been safe?  Do you have any recommendations to share with us about how we can Tweet safely?


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  1. I just started tweeting fairly recently… I just had a new follower this morning “wakooz” who has a site that aggregates your web 2.0 stuff. I was surprised to find my Facebook profile displayed. I’m sure its a cookie issue, but there is no privacy policy for the wakooz site. Not a good sign. I strongly recommend being very cautious on who you follow, and don’t just automatically follow everyone who follows you. Another think to keep in mind with Facebook applications, is the when you start most of them, you’re giving permission for them to access all of your Facebook information and friends.

    Thanks for the cleanup tips!

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