Top Ten Tips for Twitter

Compliments of Sate of Washington’s CTED

Compliments of State of Washington’s CTED

I had to share this.  ColoradoBiz’s on-line editor, Mary Butler, created these tips.  I’ve been Tweeting for 57 days now, and these tips ring true.  Love #2. and 10.  If you use Twitter, do you have some tips you’d like to add?  Please share in comments.

1. Thou shall not be boring.

2. Thou shall not spam thy neighbor, nor his wife, nor his cattle, nor his cattle’s wife. I don’t think, therefore I spam.

3. Thou shall not curse, swear or use four-letter words.

4. Thou shall not have a bio that bears false witness or is void of your personal worth.

5. Thou shall not use the Twitter default avatar.

6. Thou shall not use the default Twitter background.

7. Thou shall not use long URLs without first converting them to Tiny URLs or Snurls.

8. Thou shall not tweet while driving (waiting at stoplights is fine).

9. Thou shall not indiscriminately block others.

10. Thou shall not use acronyms, SMS, abbreviations or anything not understandable to thy neighbor’s good looking but slightly technically challenged wife.


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  1. I love the twitter list. I will be back to read more of your blog.

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