Twitter – Social Media Marketing Tool, or Time-waster?

Don't be fooled when visiting Twitter.  It's much more than chat.

Don't be fooled when visiting Twitter. It's much more than chat.

by Janet Lane
Today we look at the strengths of the mini-message networking site, Twitter.  First a news flash regarding Twitter’s phenomenal growth: since last month’s numbers, Twitter has grown from 6 million unique visitors in the US to 7 million.

Why Twitter is good

● A feeling of connectedness and immediacy. A professional on a business trip was snowed in at an airport, Tweeted about it and within ten minutes had four offers of places to stay. Think of reaching millions with your emergency, instantly.

● Quick, easy postings. No need to write a lengthy post every day. Each post is 140 characters or less.  This small bullet paragraph is 135 characters, for example.

● Quick and easy responses.  Responses may come within seconds instead of hours or days.

●Filter through the noise. Say there’s a craft book you’re considering. Get several responses  about it and reach a quicker, more informed purchasing decision.

● Find groups.  Using the hashmark search, , you can standard search for Tweets with the words editor, author, marketing in the Tweet itself, or for discussions of trending topics like #editor, #author, #marketing, precede your search with a #.

● Learn from the Twitter Giants at  There, you’ll see that cnnbrk is the #1 Tweeter at 523,000 followers and  BarackObama is #2 at 465,000.  Find areas of  interest, such as authors, media, etc. and follow the “influencers,” as they’re called.

To fellow Tweeters:  Who’s your best “follow,” and why?

Like what you see?  Please credit me.  Thanks.

Next:  How to tap Twitter’s strenth, and what you absolutely should NOT forget to include in your profile.



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2 responses to “Twitter – Social Media Marketing Tool, or Time-waster?

  1. Just as I figured there wasn’t much to it, but I do it anyway, look at that info!

    The airport thing got me, and the bookshop thing..hmm.

    Thanks for that, Janet.

  2. redplume

    Thanks for dropping by, Fran. Hope you find the search function useful for finding groups. Congrats on all the requests for partials that you have been receiving. You’ll be getting “the Call” soon! Keep the faith, and let me know your progress!

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