4 secrets to improve luck, get published

Change Your Luck by R. Wiseman

Change Your Luck by R. Wiseman

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In his book, Change Your Luck, the Scientific Way to Improve Your Life, Dr. Richard Wiseman’s research took several years and involved interviews with hundreds of exceptionally lucky and unlucky people.

In one study, Wiseman used television to announce that he would track the success rate of lucky and unlucky people who played the Canadian Lottery.  Questionnaires were completed and Wiseman had his list of Have- and Have-No-Luck People.  They picked their numbers, and the results were compiled: out of 700 participants, only 36 won any money at all.  These were evenly split between lucky and unlucky people.  Just two people matched four numbers, winning £58 each.  One had been previously classified as “lucky.”  The other one was “unlucky.”

This is great news for us!  It means we can improve our luck in life by focusing on these four areas:
1.  Maximize your chance opportunities.
2.  Listen to your lucky hunches.
3.  Expect good fortune.
4.  Turn bad luck into good.

Space does not allow me to go into more detail here, but I highly recommend the book.  It takes principles we’re all familiar with and presents them in a new, enlightening order that makes complete sense.
Did reading this book change my luck?  I don’t think so.  Did it improve it?  I think so.  The gem I gleaned from this book is that luck doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  Through our actions we can boost the good-luck factor in our lives.
So, good luck to you in your writing.  Take it, fortify it with hard work, magnify it with good instincts and a positive attitude, and keep following your dreams.  It will happen!


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