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Precious Heart by Lorelei

Precious Heart by Lorelei

Part two
… continued from yesterday’s post

In his book, Change Your Luck, the Scientific Way to Improve Your Life, Wiseman’s research took several years and involved interviews with hundreds of exceptionally lucky and unlucky people.

He discovered a significantly new way of looking at luck and the role it plays in our lives.

People are not “born” lucky.  Without realizing it, “lucky” people employ four powerful principles to create good fortune in their lives.  In the book, Wiseman asks us to complete a Luck Profile, which addresses some of our habits in life – do we socialize or keep to ourselves; do we worry about new experiences or welcome them in our lives; do we have and/or trust our intuition.  The author has us examine significant past experiences in our lives – how we met our life partner, how we came to know our closest friend(s), how we chose our career, and one very positive event in our lives.  Then he asks that we think about those events, and how good luck played a part in them, how good luck changed our lives.

If you think you’re unlucky, it will be illuminating for you to read about some of the truly unlucky people Wiseman interviews during his research.  You would not want to play “Ain’t It Awful?” with these guys!  One woman, as a child, split her head open on a rock while picking daisies and later was hit on the head by a board that fell from a building.  As an adult her blind date didn’t show up because he broke both legs in a motorcycle accident while driving to meet her.  Her next date broke his nose when he walked into a glass door.

The church where she was to be married was burned down by arsonists two days before her wedding.  In a separate incident she broke her arm.  In another, she broke a leg.  In another disaster, she crashed through a brick wall during her driving test.  And her car wasn’t insured.

On the flip side, he offers some good-luck stories that make you want to stomp your foot at the inequities, or wish to hang out with that person and hope some of the good luck rubs off on you.
Wiseman discovered four basic differences between lucky and unlucky people:
* Lucky people constantly encounter chance opportunities, bumping into people accidentally who drastically improve their luck or even lives.
* Lucky people make good decisions without really knowing why.  They have good instincts.
* Lucky people’s dreams come true.
* Lucky people can turn bad luck into good.

Up next:
– how we can improve our luck in life.


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