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AN UPDATE – 3/16/09 – If you’d like to receive the Rocky Mountain News on-line, go to A group of reporters, photographers and editors from The Rocky are trying to Save the Rocky and offer it on-line!  Great news!


Okay, I’m a loyal fan of the Rocky Mountain News, and I’m in mourning that this great newspaper printed its last issue … last hardcopy issue.  I’m an eager customer who WANTS MY ROCKY, in whatever form I can get it which, if the current buzz is accurate, will be on-line.

I’ve heard rumblings that The Rocky will be available on-line, and I’ve been asking around, but no one knows anything.

From an Associated Press story on Truthout, it was mentioned that Scripps said it will retain ownership, and still offer to sell, the Rocky Mountain News name and the newspaper’s archives and Web site.

That article continued with info from Ed Atorino, a newspaper industry analyst at The Benchmark Co., who said that the News could become an online-only venture at some point.

“Online newspapers seem to be doing pretty well,” he said. “It’s a very low-cost business.”

So, to Scripps, to the writers and editors of The Rocky Mountain News, I say, “PLEASE!  Tell me where to send my money because I want my Rocky!

Get this venture going while we’re all still assembled and wanting our favorite news back!  If you want YOUR Rocky, too, go to and leave a comment.


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