Good-bye, Rocky Mountain News

Ed Stein's Final Editorial Cartoon

Ed Stein's Final Editorial Cartoon: "Where's my Rocky?"

Like many others, I’m saddened by the demise of the Rocky Mountain News.  I loved the format and content!  It’s been my newspaper since moving to the Denver area in the seventies.

My family in other parts of the country will miss the Rocky, too, because I liked to share our news and frequently clipped articles of interest to send to them.

The reporters are like friends to me; I’ve come to rely on their opinions and stories about everything important to us here in the Front Range cities and quiet spaces in- between.  Thanks to all of you for the years, the stories, the gripping photography, the wonderful Spotlights and book reviews — the decades of memories.

To the amazing, award-winning, dedicated staff at the Rocky Mountain news:  I’m wishing you all peace and healing, and opportunities to share your writing, photographic and editorial talents in new, exciting avenues.



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2 responses to “Good-bye, Rocky Mountain News

  1. Heidi Kuhn

    I will miss the Rocky Mountain News, too. It was definitely my favorite newspaper of all time.

    I’ll especially miss the Sunday Morning edition, where my husband would grab the Sports Section on his side of the table, and I would grab the Lifestyle Section on my side. Loved the fact that we didn’t have to fight for table space because of the layout.

    • redplume

      Thanks for sharing, Heidi. Ten out of 200 of the writers/columnists were offered jobs at The Denver Post, and the rest are pursuing a new chapter in their lives. I wish them all well.

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