Face-to-face praise — you deserve an Oscar

You deserve an Oscar!

You deserve an Oscar!

We DVR’d The Oscars last night and watched the second half, which was fabulous.  I admired the set, which is always so elaborate, but seemed especially misty and dreamy this year.  What really inspired me, though, was when five Oscar-winning actresses appeared on stage and personally delivered praise to the nominees for Best Actress.  Incredible!

Some say this was awkward when Sophia Loren paid tribute to living legend Meryl Streep, but I thought it was wonderful to hear why they were nominated, and what the Academy felt they had accomplished with their roles.

As writers, we hope to accomplish many of the same goals that these actresses achieved – effectively conveying the emotion of loss, suffering, triumph.

Let’s don our imagination hat today, writers: close your eyes, create this glamorous stage in your mind, and see the television cameras that will broadcast this moment to millions of people.  You are sitting there, and Barbara Kingsolver, Stephen King, Nora Roberts, Michael Crighton and Scott Turow step onto the stage in a column of spotlight, and one of them turns to you and says, “Your characters are so finely drawn that I slipped right into your story.  Your plot was amazing, and your ability to evoke emotions impressed me, from the first page to the last.”

Ahhhhh.  Do you feel it, that golden, magic aura?  It slips right into your bones and kisses your soul!  Yessssss!  This is one example in life where I wouldn’t at all mind being one of the losers.

Praise yourself for your strengths and accomplishments.  I’m wishing you a great day of writing!


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