Are you a Tweeter?

twitterI’m writing an article about Twitter for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ monthly newsletter.  Exploring Twitter is a bit like following Alice down the rabbit hole – things keep getting more and more interesting!  There are Grouptweets and Splitweets, Tweetstats and Tweeples and dozens more sites that play on the Twitter name and offer information about some aspect of this messaging firm.

Out of eighty authors I surveyed, though, only four of them were familiar with its functions or, in some cases, even its existence.

Do you Tweet?  Why do you Tweet, and what’s the major benefit of Tweeting for you?  Thanks in advance for sharing!



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2 responses to “Are you a Tweeter?

  1. I do regularly, for both my art and writing sites, but I’m not sure what the point is, other than to rub shoulders with other creative souls. What do we gain from it?

    I’ll go on doing it anyway, as it’s recommended. If only I knew why…

  2. redplume

    Hi, Fran,
    I’m busy gathering info and trying to answer your excellent question, “What do we gain from it?” So far, I’ve been led to some great sites and “met” (using the term loosely since several of my “meets” have been one-sided) some interesting people. A friend of mine creates original jewelry, and she has found that Twitter helps drive traffic to her website. Another uses it for research questions. Please stay tuned for more info. –Janet

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