Broken links, mended lives anthology deadline approaching

brokenlinksbrighterjan09small1I’ve been busy thinking of potential short stories to submit to RMFW’s third anthology, BROKEN LINKS, MENDED LIVES.  You can read the publisher’s guidelines at

As suggested by the title, the stories can be on any variation of the theme of ‘Broken Links, Mended Lives.’  The links can be real–a chain, a necklace, railroad ties, telephone lines, a golf course, a fence, ski lift cables–and they can be virtual–a website link or family ties.  They can be historical–the Pony Express, a telegraph during World War II, a medieval form of communication–or contemporary or futuristic–radio, TV, cell phones, Blackberries, satellite transmission, a message from Mars to Venus, a skry, a mind message.  Stories can be of any genre, and original interpretation of the theme is encouraged and welcome.

I have two ideas percolating, but the endings to both elude me.  Just thinking out loud here — it’s easy to break something, but not so easy to have the breaking mend some other aspect of our lives.  It reminds me of the saying, “when one door closes, another one opens.”  Perhaps the key is that the doors must reveal something of somewhat equal value or significance

Broken Links, Mended Lives Anthology Deadline Feb. 28


The postmark deadline is Feb. 28, so I’d better get my thoughts refined.  Do you work better with or without a deadline?  Whichever it is, I wish you a pleasant, productive writing day.


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