My mother with Gabby, our family's Chihuahua

My mother with Gabby, our Chihuahua

With the approaching holidays, it’s natural to panic a little when we review our gift list and reach Grandma and Grandpa. Because I’m active at my mother’s nursing home, and because my home-based business focuses on products for people with limited hand strength due to injury, age or arthritis, people have been asking me about gifts for seniors, so here’s my Top Ten list.

MOTHER’S DAY UPDATE:  Mother’s Day Hand Care Basket! A plethora of hand-helping products makes a great gift!  Click here to see this gorgeous basket.

And now, the Top Ten List ….

TOP TEN GIFT LIST FOR SENIORS/GRANDMA & GRANDPA.  Some new, some favorites & heart-felt ways to pamper them.

10. UN-SKRU JAR AND BOTTLE OPENER. Okay, not the most glamorous of gifts, but you can’t beat it for effective, or thoughtful. S/he will think of you every time they effortlessly open screw top lids. The UN-SKRU’s been around for three decades – a simple design that works better than any other for opening all sizes of screw-top lids, from tiny nail polish lids all the way up to the big car wax, peanut butter and warehouse-sized wood glue and pickle jars. Eco-friendly, too – no batteries to wear out and dispose of, and it’s under the cabinet, not junking up your kitchen drawers. Go to

9. DOORNUTS DOOR KNOB & FAUCET TURNERS. These ingenious little polymer O’s install over door knobs in about two seconds and allow folks with limited or no finger grip to open doors. They also fit over water faucets, and come with free DOORNUT HOLES that fit over pens, crochet hooks or art brushes. Go to

8. EZ CARRY HANDLE for shopping bags. ‘Tis the season to shop, and delicate joints and fingers can be injured carrying bundles of the light plastic grocery and department store bags that thin to a painful, tight band when weight is added to the bag(s). Support Plus catalog carries this low-cost but seasonally useful item – go to and in their search button type EZ Carry.

7. BRIGHT FEET LIGHTED SLIPPERS. Grandma needn’t go high-tech, but this is simply a good idea! Built-in LED lights will help her see when making midnight trips to the necessary room. Show you care about her safety and give her something to brag about at her next bridge club meeting. Go to and search for Bright Feet.

6. TEK PAL SIMPLE TV REMOTE. I want one of these! End Grandpa’s futile squinting and grunting as he tries to read the tiny buttons on the remote. He’ll be thankful you made life so simple for him during his TV viewing! On/Off, Volume, Channel and Mute. Easy-peasy!!! Go to and enter TEK PAL REMOTE in the search window.

5. SWIVEL SEAT CUSHION – If Grandma’s already invested in one, she can use another at home. Getting in and out of the car requires a twisting motion that can cause pain and discomfort to aging spines. Give her a helping hand, even when you can’t be there with her, with this simple swiveling cushion that fits in the driver’s seat, passenger or back seat, or dining room chair or recliner, at home. Go to and search for SWIVEL SEAT CUSHION.

4. 9-1-1 GUARDIAN PHONE. Give (and receive) a little peace of mind with this, the world’s only two-way emergency pendant communicator. With a range of 600 feet, s/he can talk directly through a pendant to a 911 emergency operator at the push of a button. See and search for GUARDIAN PHONE.

3. A PERSONAL VISIT AND DELIVERED DINNER. The best gifts, if you’re fortunate to be close by, are of a personal nature, a mixture of your time and love with hot, nutritious food or sinful sweets, diet permitting. Sweeten the deal by staying for dinner and share a nice, leisurely conversation about whatever they wish to discuss. If memory is an issue, maybe take a stroll through the photo albums and remember good times. J

2. A PERSONAL VISIT COMBINED WITH FREE SHOPPING AND A MOVIE. If s/he’s home-bound, phone ahead and help compose a shopping list. You do the running—shop, buy and deliver—and then dress him/her in winter woolens and take them out to a movie you know they’ll enjoy.

1. BRING YOUR LOVED ONE HOME FOR HOLIDAY DINNER and an evening with as many family members as you can gather for a precious group hug!


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