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July 29, 2008  Cool off at our Barnes & Noble Book signing this Saturday!
I checked the forecast in this morning’s newspaper – predicted highs of 99 today, 99 tomorrow and Friday and 101 on Saturday!!  Cool off and stop by and visit me at the Thornton Barnes & Noble, browse the shelves in air conditioned comfort, and enter my contest, in which one lucky someone will a 14th century anagram, similar to the one on the cover of Tabor’s Trinket.  It’s a real conversation gem because its design incorporates clues to a word puzzle that, when solved, means “Love conquers all.”    I’ll be signing copies of Emerald Silk, part two in the Coin Forest Legend series.  My critique partners and Five Star friends will be joining me at this signing, so you can see their debut novels.  19th century Denver comes alive in Pamela Nowak’s novel, Chances, and with Margaret Bailey’s debut novel, Diamond in the Sky, you can visit the magical Ice Palace of 19th century Leadville, Colorado.  

July 16, 2008  Self-inflicted torture
I’ve been bogged down with website software, aka “self-inflicted torture, LOL. 
After pouring through two tutorial books about Dreamweaver, I know enough about the
program to appreciate its power and versatility, but not enough to free my creativity, so I’ve
returned to a WYSIWYG program called Web Page Maker.  If you’re reading this, it means
I’ve been successful at updating and uploading my web pages, which means I’m thrilled! 
After having test-driven three WYSIWYG programs. Front Page and Dreamweaver, I feel
more in touch with what’s being offered in the market, and know which features are most
useful for me.
UPCOMING BOOK SIGNINGS – Sat., August 2 – Thornton Barnes & Noble, with fellow
Five Star Expressions authors Pamela Nowak, whose debut novel, CHANCES, is set in
1800’s Denver, and Margaret Bailey, whose debut novel, DIAMOND IN THE SKY, is set in
silver-rush-era Leadville, Colorado.  If you’re in the area, please stop by and say hi!
July 14, 2008  My EMERALD SILK book signing was fantastic!  Thanks
to everyone who could make it, and a special HUZZAH! and thank you to my friends
Georgia, Diane, Kristin, Heidi, Steve W and Steve K for performing my Singing
Synopsis! I’m going to upload the songs to YouTube so I can share them with you.
The delay has been getting the video uploaded from my digital videocamera to my
computer.  The video didn’t “stream” as promised.  I’ve spent the last several weeks
swimming upstream,it seems, fighting the techno-battles and losing.  I fully intend
to persevere, however, and win the war.  😉

April 16, 2008  Exciting news!  My editor emailed me with the latest review on Emerald Silk.  It’s a thoughtful review that includes a thorough summary of the story without any spoilers, and I am thrilled.  This is why we write – to tell our story, to share the inspiration in our hearts.  It’s so gratifying to see it come true, to send it “out there” – and see that the message was received.  I’m walking on air out here in Colorado.  Thanks to Anthonette Dotson of Romance Reviews Today!  We’ve never met or communicated, but I hope some day I have the pleasure.  Here’s the final paragraph from her review:
A page turner filled with prejudice, betrayal, loyalty, shame and passion.  The journey Kadriya and John embark upon to find the missing chalice will hold readers in captivity from beginning to end.  Secondary characters play strong roles in teaching John that not all Romani are evil and, similarly, not all English are righteous.  EMERALD SILK is a powerful tale that shows the destructive power of racism and the enlightening journey one can take to overcome what seems to be a lifetime of differences.  It is a stand-alone story despite being part two in the Coin Forest Series.  I haven’t read the first story, and I was able to totally appreciate EMERALD SILK.  This is a story that I would recommend to all.  …Anthonette Dotson, Romance Reviews Today.

April 14, 2008  Links and kinks.  I’m just about ready to upload my newly improved website.  You know how it is with software – I’m hoping it all goes smoothly once I publish it, that WYSIWYG is true and all links will work.  Technology is a blessing when it works, a curse when it doesn’t, and like all non-tekkies, I’ve had my share of hair-pulling frustration with software.  If you’re reading this it means I’ve been successful.  Hope you enjoy my craft articles in “Writing,” and news about my writing.  Read excerpts from my stories, browse my photos, and I’ll be honored if you read my novels and drop me a line about them at janet at janetlane.net  Thanks for reading!
March 17, 2008 – Luck and bunny madness.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  May your pockets
be heavy and your heart be light, May good luck pursue you each morning and night! … Irish
blessing    I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time monitoring my tulips.  We have a
wealth of bunnies, and they have been nibbling the new tulip leaves, just as they emerge from the
ground.  A local gardening club recommended sprinkling the flower beds with human hair.  I
stopped at a main street hair salon and asked for a bag full of human hair.  Yes.  Once I convinced them I was merely an innocent gardener, they obliged, and I sprinkled generously.  The nibbling, unfortunately, did not stop.  Good news is that the tulips are growing fast enough to survive the toothy attacks.  Meanwhile, the release date of Emerald Silk gets closer – May 15 is my Tattered Cover book signing.  If you’re in or near the Denver area, please come and help me celebrate.  I’ll be raffling wonderful new books written by my critique partners, and if the timing works, I’ll present another version of my Singing Synopsis.  🙂  Meanwhile, I’m wishing you much good luck and a happy spring!

January 4, 2008 – Happy New Year!  Hope your holidays were wonderful in every way, and that you’re energized with the prospect of a new year, new adventures, new and/or updated life, career and relationship goals.  The release date of EMERALD SILK, my second historical novel, is approaching – it’s still set at April 16, a little irony since my DH is a CPA and will have just finished his tax season, so we’ll both have something special to celebrate.
Much time has also been involved in pre-novel-release activities – final read-through of the novel, a last opportunity to catch any errors that have eluded the editors and me during the last two edits.  I’m participating in a four-author promotion that will span ten states, and I just completed designing my bookmarks.
I’m taking an e-course on Defeating Self-Defeating Behavior, offered by Margie Lawson of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.  It’s a great mental tune-up course, just the ticket to help me re-think my long-term goals and set new or adjusted goals for 2008.
Congrats to Linda Chaput, Ontario, winner of the November anagram contest.  I’ll be shipping her fourteenth century anagram necklace tomorrow.
Finally, Happy New Year!  I hope it’s a year of good health, much love and wonderful opportunities that will bring you closer to realizing your special life dreams.

November 28, 2007 – Tales from Mistwillow.  I’ll brave the fresh snowfall tonight to travel to downtown Denver’s Tattered Cover bookstore, where I’ll join the other authors of Tales from Mistwillow, an anthology about Mistwillow, a legendary Colorado town nestled in the Rocky Mountain foothills, shrouded with myth and mystery.  If you can make it, I’d love to see you there! 
A note to my fellow writers about Query Letters —  I was recently given the unique opportunity to sit at a successful literary agent’s desk and watch as she filtered through query letters.  Talk about eye-opening!  The agency, Nelson Literary Agency, secures six-figure advances for her authors, and it was fascinating to hear what a successful query should contain.  Read my new article by going to Writer’s Tips.  Finally, congrats to our October contest winner, Robin Soroe of Kenner, Louisiana. 

October 30, 2007 – All Hallow’s Eve – Halloween began 2,000 years ago.  The Celtics held
an annual celebration to welcome the New Year on November 1st, which brought an end to the
summer harvest and a beginning to winter, a challenging time of darkness and death. 
Superstition held that the lines of life and death crossed on this night between the old and new
year, that the spirits of the dead returned to earth.  Huge bonfires were built to scare the spirits

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